Looking for some help on setting up DMVPN for VyOS and Cisco Router

Hello all,

Wondering if somebody can give me a real quick and dirty configuration snippet of what the Cisco Router would be and what the VyOS box would be. In this particular situation I am wanting to make the VyOS box the HUB and the Cisco boxes the Spokes. Having some trouble getting this up and working 100%. Everything else I got handled, but for some reason this is being a pain. I’m on VyOS version 1.1.7 and Cisco IOS 12.4. Many thanks.

Nobody has any input here?

share your configs at least.
it’s hard to predict anything otherwise

Not 100% sure this can be made to work… You can certainly set up VyOS Spokes to work with a Cisco Hub. I have a thorough writeup of that:


There’s a command that needs to be added on the VyOS spoke side to make that work. There’s no equivalent command on the Cisco side to identify the Hub as being a non-Cisco platform. There’s a possibility, of course, that the OpenNHRP code will recognize the incoming Cisco spoke without issue. I simply haven’t tried that yet.

The use case I was shooting for was to replace all of my spokes with VyOS, and maintain a supported CSR as the hub.

Let me spin up my lab, and see what I can do.

Well I’ll be damned. Turns out you can. I have it working now.

  • VyOS Hub
  • 2 x VyOS Spokes
  • 1 x Cisco Spoke (CSR)

It’ll take me a while to clean up my configs, but watch this space. Help is on the way.

Here you go:

DMVPN Interoperability - Part 2

Hey Dude,

Thanks for your post, would you please refer to my other post where I would like to have the DMVPN working with two or three links. In this case since I have dynamic protocol running wondering what changes are needed at both end? Do I need to configure separate subnet? I have added my entire scenario there.

Would you please have a look at it and let me know?