Loosing config when copying VM to another PC


Hi guys,

I’m fairly new to vyos.

I installed it on a VM in VMware workstation and configured it. I committed and saved the changes. I rebooted and the changes stuck as expected. I powered it down and copied the VM to another computer. I opened the VM in workstation and powered it up.

However this time the config was gone. When i type the following show files Clean_Install://config/config.boot I can see the config I built.

Sorry if I’m not being clear but how can I “load” this config?


Remove hw-id from interfaces before cloning:
delete interfaces ethX hw-id


Thanks for they reply. Just to clarify the VM wasn’t cloned. I just powered it down, copied the files to a different PC and imported it into workstation.

I ran the above command on all the the interfaces followed by commit and save.

It didn’t help (I rebooted as well).


You’ll see that if you don’t set the MAC address of the interfaces on the VM. I think (but I’m not 100% sure) you won’t see the old interfaces in config mode on the clone.
I have this in my notes:

Reinitialize adapter MAC addresses after clone

vi /config/config.boot
Delete hw-id line & extra eth interfaces