Lost cluster config in 1.2 rc4


i updated my two cluster member from 1.2 rc3 to 1.2 rc4

  • at first the “secondary” node → all went fine.
  • at second the “primary” node also here all went fine execpt the cluster config
    actualy the “secondary” node is active and worked fine.
    on the “primary” node

show cluster status
Clustering is not configured

in the config.boot file the cluster config is still present:

cluster {
    dead-interval 10000
    group cluster-v {
        auto-failback true
        primary astor-v
        secondary phoenix-v
        service openvpn
        service ipsec
    interface eth0
    keepalive-interval 2000
    monitor-dead-interval 20000
    pre-shared-secret ************

is there somewhere a config parsing logfile, where i can see why a config part is not working.

even if i roll the image back to 1.2rc3:

show cluster status
Clustering is not configured

i get it.

it was my fault. I deleted a vif interface for testing but only on the primary node. But this interface was in cluster config. So i created it again and it work fine.

But i think a posibility to check the whole config or to see a log wenn the parsing of some elements in the config.boot file failed would be nice

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