Lost config


Afternoon, I’m new to VyOS but managed to get it set up successfully within Hyper-V and used the router to link 2 separate virtual Lab networks. Unfortuntaly the host had a hardware problem and had to be rebuilt - long and shor the hw-id on the NICS changed so now when I boot into VyOS all the old configuration is gone and I have no idea on how to retrieve it.

I read someone saying you need to delete the old hw-ids which I would do but when I run the commands naturally it says the path doesn’t exist.

As a rsult if I run a show interface it presents me with two starting at Eth4 . So 0 1 and 2 is still in there somewhere with the attached config.

In layman’s terms, is there a way I can get it all back with out having to do a complete rebuild?

Many thanks.


you delete the interfaces hw-id like you have found before.

Make sure you are using sudo to run the command

it should be under /opt/vyatta/config/active/interfaces/ethernet