MAC autenthication


Hi I’m looking for the solution of my problem, I need a local network with DHCP server which assign IP dynamicly for new hosts, but only guarante access to one website, and DHCP with static assisgned IP with MAC address which allowed access to the internet, any solution how to do with vyatta. What’s more if it possible I need a script which can add MAC address and IP allowed to internet access and which I will able to use from special website


You are aware you are in the VyOS forums right? Not Vyatta?

I assume you meant VyOS?

and yes, you can hand out static IP and block all but one website…

Here is one such example of a static IP assignment from DHCP:


Of course Vyos :slight_smile: vyatta doesn’t exist for me.

Thanks for links, any example for a script which can add mac ip and description for this ?


what kind of script are you looking for? You still have to enter these in somewhere, just put them in the command prompt

copy n paste is your friend


I need to create website for moderator, which can add throw the website access to the internet.


do you want the website to run off of the VyOS router or another admin box?


I want to do it from another server