Malware Patrol URL block lists and Ransomware block lists/feeds



Malware Patrol is a reputable company that offers an extensive list of protections such as URL block lists and Ransomware block lists/feeds and is kept updated. I use it with my opensource EFA email server and thought it could have some value being able to implement it in Vyos. I’m not sure how or the best way for this to be done so maybe someone else could fill the bits if interested…


Voted for it! Looks interesting indeed
Thanks for pointing to it!


@zane93 What were you thinking about?
In what way? like inside a proxy server?

And since malware and maybe filtering then I am now working on couple tools that can utilize The:
Ultimate.Hosts.Blacklist < >

And it can be integrated with dnsmasq and\or a proxy of choice like Squid-Cache or RedWood.