Mdadm warning at boot



Hi everyone,

I’m am currently setting up VyOS in a lab environment in virtualbox. I a m quite a warning freak and want to get rid of all the warning at boot that slow down the boot process.

I have currently a warning about mdadm not finding an array.

mdadm: no array found in config file or automaticaly

I only have one disk on this vm. I have try to define there is no array in the mdadm.conf file with no success.

ARRAY devices=/dev/sda

Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot for your help


Just ignore that,
this is how it works, looking for array on boot in case it was deployed on software raid


On system startup we are scanning/autodetecting a software raid. If none is found it continues with single disk configuration. Totally normal!


thanks a lot for your support. I will live with that :slight_smile:


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