Migrate disk using install image

I recently had to install vyos on a temporary disk after the used disk failed. Now I managed to get a permanent replacement and would like to migrate to this disk.
Of course, I could either reinstall vyos on this new disk and manually migrate the configuration and keys, but I naively assumed I could just connect the new disk to the running system and then re-run the install image command from the already installed system and select the disk.
However, when I run the command, the following error message is printed:

vyos@vyos:~$ install image
You are trying to install from an already installed system. An ISO
image file to install or URL must be specified.

No indication is made how to specify either of the options and no help text for the install / install image command is available. So my question would be how to achieve this or more generally if this approach even works, as I’m not sure the running config is migrated when using the install command.