Migrating from Openwrt: need to build a VPN Gateway (with QAT, Wireguard, OpenVPN)


last year I made some test with Vyos 1.1 and I found it very interesting and now I am ready to change my actual configuration.

I use actually OpenWrt 18.06 (as my internal router) on a ESXi virtual machine (based on Supermicro Atom C2758, 8 cores, 16GB RAM): I would like to migrate to vyos and I need some (basic) info and advices.

First, I would like to cotinue using ESXi virtual machine but I would also like to have a configuration that you use QAT (to maximize VPN performance for Wireguard/OpenVPN) but I don’t know if QAT is supported on a virtual machine (and for my CPU specs): do you have some info?

Second question relates to how to build a tailored vyos for my hardware (on virtual or on bare metal): after reading the documentation, to build the ISO I need also to build the packages I need (or all to simplify) and include them in final build: it’s correct?

Thanks in advance

Hi @walexago,

Your CPU support QAT, and I think it possible use QAT in VM, like SR-IOV, but now QAT acceleration implemented only for IPSec.

For build own VyOS ISO you can follow instruction https://github.com/vyos/vyos-build
ps:// QAT kernel modules build automatically.