Migrating from PFSense

I am going to migrate to VyOS from pfsense.

  1. Is there a script/tool that can import pfsense config and migrate to VyOS?
  2. Is the OpenVPN Kernel module implemented in VyOS yet? OpenVPN Hackathon 2019 | OpenVPN
  3. Does it have policy based routing available on firewall rules? So that multi-WAN setups can be utilized to its full potential. Does it also cover VPN-gateway/endpoints?
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  1. no such tool
  2. no, no kernel mode
  3. yes, PBR supported

I started looking at writing a script to convert from pfsense to VyOS.
I got as far a converting my DHCP static IP address mapping and then I stopped because it was taking more effort than writing the config myself.

It might also be worthwhile for firewall rule conversion…

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Thanks for the answers. I ended up migrating manually. The syntax of VyOS is extraordinary clean and simple and the generated config is also easy read. Wonderfully done!


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