Mirror for older official 1.4-rolling releases?

VyOS Community contains the current nightly builds.

However the storage for these builds changed from (example) https://s3-us.vyos.io/rolling/current/vyos-1.4-rolling-202305261003-amd64.iso to Releases · vyos/vyos-rolling-nightly-builds · GitHub not too long ago.

One drawback with this is that at github only (give or take) the last 2 weeks nightly builds are available. And the old s3-us.vyos.io site no longer exists.

Reason for why Im looking for older nightly builds is due to some improvements to the imagesize (ISO) of the VyOS I have been working on lately:

Shrink imagesize and improve read performance by changing mksquashfs syntax

Cleanup of unused directories (and files) in order to shrink image-size

Nonstripped binaries exists in VyOS

Further shrink VyOS imagesize

Im mainly interrested in VyOS 1.4-rolling nightly build from late may and/or june this year.

The oldest Im currently have locally is from 2023-08-31 to compare with how the size have improved (shrunk).

Do there exists some (un)official mirrors and if unofficial where can I locate the checksums from official source (in case the mirror is through bittorrent or similar)?


Hi Apachez,

i have a little bit trouble to create a download link. Internal security policy is mad as…
I have created a Azure blob storage with access all. Please inform me, when you have finished your downloads. I will remove this links asap.

Links removed

Thank you very much!

Both files have now been downloaded.

I also got this from the slack-channel:

vyos-1.4-rolling-202211150317-amd64.iso 439353344 bytes
vyos-1.4-rolling-202308111749-amd64.iso 446693376 bytes

Note: I do know that there are other things that changes in these images aswell between versions (other than the tasks I mentioned earlier) that affects the size of the images but its the endresult that counts (size of ISO) :wink:

Followup question to VyOS maintainers: Do you have some kind of archive (even for internal purposes) of if not all nightlies then perhaps lets say each nightly from the 1st of each month or similar for historical reasons?

Or what is available if needed when it comes to older releases/versions?

To add to this discussion, there’s also an inherent deficiency in the VyOS build process design that makes it very difficult to build a Point-in-Time image. You can’t just roll back the git archives as the build process also pulls pre-built binaries that sometimes are not available any longer. I wish there was a clear procedure to roll back (both the container and vyos-1x) and build everything that is missing at that point from source.