Moving From 1Gig to 10Gig

Hi All:

We’ve been using VyOS on ESX 5.5 for a while now and have been thrilled with the performance. We’re running on fairly robust hardware, and it’s handling 900Mbps of internet throughput without issue.

We are looking to add a 10Gig NIC to the host VyOS resides on in order to prepare for the potential of surpassing the 1Gbps mark on our internet bandwidth in the future. Does anyone have any experience in this or any suggestions? Currently, VyOS is using the E1000 adapter inside of ESX (and it’s the only choice when adding a NIC to the VyOS virtual machine).

What can be done to allow the use of the VMXNET adapter to account for the increased speeds? Thanks!

OK - a bit of a follow up. For testing purposes, I cranked up another VyOS VM from scratch and was able to choose the VMXNET3 adapter from the get go and see a link speed of 10Gbps. My question is - why is VMWare not allowing me to add another NIC type on the existing VM other than E1000?