Multi-WAN Monitoring and Failover

Hi, at home I have three WAN Connections. 1x Cable and 2x 5G from different Providers. My goal is to have a stable connection. So if there is a failure on a line, it should be switched over to a working one.

Currently I’m using OPNSense and one of my problems is, that monitoring the ping doesn’t work to detect if a connection is alive. Even if the connection is bad, the ping goes through in a reasonable time, while normal Traffic like “http” doesn’t work properly anymore. I saw, that with VyOS there is a possibility to use an own monitoring Script. But what can I use to do the monitoring? Are there some ready to go solutions?

You might need to think about what you are pinging to check if your connection is down/unusable.

If you can ping a device but the connection is not working then you need to ping something further away. You could for instance check if you can ping something like to check if the connection works.

But with custom scripts you can even check if you can access a website using curl. The possibilities are (almost) endless.