Multi WAN trafic interruption at every API change

My entreprise plan to use vyos in our infrastructure and I’m doing a PoC (the product looks nice atm).

Here is the project : we are testing the high availability of our different plateforms (where our apps run) across the world. VyOS is used as a multi wan gateway to redirect / loadbalance the trafic between all our datacenters. Then, I configured multi wan on VyOS to loadbalance trafic between multiple wireguard interfaces. For this high availability test, the wireguard tunnels are everytime destroyed / recreated using the API. The remote instance (public IP address) with which the tunnel is mounted may change everytime. That’s why I’m configuring everything using the API.

But, it looks like that everytime that the multi wan configuration is changed / a commit occurs, the multi wan trafic is interrupted for arround 5 / 10 seconds. Maybe some services are restarting on the VyOS instance whan we make multi wan changes ? How can I avoid this 5 / 10 secs delay everytime we make a request to change the multi wan config ?

Thanks in advance for your future help !
Have a good day !