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I’m new to Vyos and very new to networking in particular.

I have a homelab with servers on the range. The usual Windows server, some Linux machines etc.

I’ve figured out how to do a 1-1 NAT to my Windows server from my client PC for RDP but my question is:

I have a number of Linux servers, and I want to be able to connect via Putty to each of them from my client PC.

Do I have to repeat the same NAT config for each server or is there a way I can set it up so any time I try and SSH to an IP on 10.32.x.x range, on port 22, Vyos knows where to connect?

Sound like you would need a destination NAT for each server linux, and use a different TCP port for every server.

As this is a lab, get routing to work properly, so you don’t need any NAT at all.
Just firewall allow rules.
This requires all hosts/routers involved having proper routes to remote endpoints

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This was the easiest solution. I was trying to crack a nut with a sledgehammer.

Thank you.

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