Multiple Service Name on PPPoE


I want to map multiple Service-name to an interface. Can you help in how can we do that. Current configuration allows only one service name or other option is to allow all service name. Ideally which is not a good practice to have.

is there a way where we can implement multiple Service-name on one interface

HI, we already talk with you about this feature. In current pppoe demon implementation this not supported, but it is possible with some patch not from main accel-pp repo.
Which VyOS version running?


i am using Version: VyOS 1.3-rolling-202002011846.

With the help of @Dmitry was able to solve this.

edit sudo nano /opt/vyatta/share/vyatta-cfg/templates/service/pppoe-server/service-name/node.def
and replace regex to --regex ‘[a-zA-Z0-9\-,]{1,100}’

And then
then just set via cli set service pppoe-server service-name ‘xxx,yyy’

I think we need add to CLI better solution, like

set service pppoe-server service-name xxx
set service pppoe-server service-name yyy

@priyesh4u2003, improve already in latest rolling.

Thank you for fast support

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