Multiple VLAN's Single NIC


I am trying to setup multiple VLAN’s, each with their own DHCP

I found a guide to do this, but I am not seeing any traffic on VLAN5 or anything pulling an ip.

Here are my interfaces.

[code]show interfaces
Codes: S - State, L - Link, u - Up, D - Down, A - Admin Down
Interface IP Address S/L Description

eth0 u/u OUT
eth1 u/u IN
eth1.5 u/u VLAN5
lo u/u[/code]

To give you an idea of my layout. I have a UniFI AP with multiple SSID.
Each SSID is assigned a VLAN, each VLAN should have its own DHCP via VyOS

My main router is one 192.168.0.x
SSID KIDS will use 192.168.5.x and VLAN 5
SSID ADULTS will use 192.168.3.x and VLAN 3


Does your switch support VLANs? I have this configuration and it works fine.


VyOS is a VMWare ESXi host. Im pretty sure i have the portgroup setup for ALL VLAN’s, but i’ll check again. Sounds like that must be the problem.


I think you mean that VyOS is a VMWare ESXi ‘GUEST’. The host is the, well, host. That’s ESXi itself.


Yep, its a guest. :slight_smile: