Must-watch VyOS 2 router setup on YouTube

Hello, VyOS Community Members!

I stumbled upon a fantastic VyOS 2 router setup tutorial on YouTube that I believe you’ll find incredibly valuable.

Watch the Video Here: VyOS 2 Router Setup Tutorial - YouTube - VyOS 2 Router Setup - Light weight, open source dual router setup with NAT and RIP. - YouTube

In this tutorial, the creator walks through the process of setting up a lightweight, open-source dual router configuration with NAT and RIP. It’s an excellent resource whether you’re new to VyOS or looking to expand your networking skills.

While some of you may have already seen this video, I found it to be a well-structured and insightful guide. The step-by-step instructions and explanations make it easy to follow along, even for beginners.

Enjoy watching the video!


oh it’s vyos. 2 router setup
i read it as vyos2 router setup