Natting a eth0(external) IP to a internal IP


Hello everyone I just started to use vyos because I needed a router in a Xen machine, I already did the configuration, but I can’t make that internal ip can get the webserver VM writing a external IP, the purpose of this is to configure the computers with a single link to connect to the server both inside and outside the network, I can enter from outside and from inside with the internal ip.

Sorry for my pauper english, I hope to have been relatively clear in my query.

Thank you for your help.


Are you able to post your current configuration? Maybe that will help us understand what you are trying to do.



Thanks, I’m trying to do with dns now, maybe that help, if it’s not I will put my conf. here.




You can split dns entry by adding an entry that would resolve to the internal ip-addr or just set an dnat with the dest-addr of the external-ip and port 80 to new destination internal-ip with port 80. Both works well.

Good luck :wink: