Need help on setting BGP scenario on vyos and Cisco Routers

Hi Team,

I have a Vyos set it up in cloud and wanted to establish redundant site-to-site tunnel with customer. However I would like to make a automatic failover hence trying to set up VTI tunnel with R1 and R2 and will exchange the BGP Routes. Now the challenge is customer has a Check Point firewall below Router and has two ISP link again terminated on firewall and with Check Point technology they have achieved ISP redundancy.

Now even if I create a tunnel with R1 and R2; and achieved the failover with BGP. I wont be able to achieve redundancy with Check Point since I need to reach from To overcome this I am thinking to configure the iBGP between CP and R1/R2 and redistribute routes?

Is this fine approach? Can someone please suggest any other alternative?

Blason R

Yes that scenario worked.

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