Need to provide start and stop dhcp service command to QA.


Our QA department needs to be able to start and stop the dhcp service on some of our Vyos routed environments. They will not have privileges to the vyos account or to change the configuration. What I want is a set of sudo commands I can give them to stop and start the dhcp service. I’ve used:

/etc/init.d/vyatta-dhcp3-server stop


service vyatta-dhcp3-server stop

To successfully stop the dhcp service. But that script is unable to start it again with a ‘start’.

Any suggestions? The environments used to be routed with PFSense, which gave them the ability to stop and start services simply, however, PFSense just doesn’t perform well under certain conditions and we needed a better / more reliable router platform. Hence Vyos.


Maybe this: /opt/vyatta/sbin/dhcpd.init


Ah yes, this works nicely. Thank you!