Netflow IPFIX not working / not sending out packages

Hi there,

I have the problem that if I try to use IPFIX for flow accounting that no data is sended out :frowning:
sflow is working perfectly fine.
I also did not tested v9 or v5 as I need v10/IPFIX for testing purpose.

Software is 1.4 from 18.09.2022 and a fresh installation from the same date.
Before I tested it with 1.4 from may and just recreated a new instance as it was previously updated from 1.3 and had there some issues with commit as it fist showed an error which I fixed by fixing the ownership of the file, but still the commit took very long, so I did it from scratch

Here the config + logs which do not indicate any issue.
vyos.log (2.4 KB)
vyos_conf.txt (3.9 KB)