Netflow missing interface information

Hello guys,

We are using Netflow v9 for some tools to monitor our traffic. The problem is when the Vyos send the flow to the collector is some information missing. The Vyos is sending the field ‘input or output Int’ with a value 0. My collector understand that this packet has entered on INT x but doesn’t go out (or the inverse) because of the value 0.
You guys know a way to fix this? Because the correct is send with both information inputInt and OutputInt different from 0 like showing the interface that the packet in and out according to the interfaces configured (how snmp mib ifmib).

Like the image attached

Someone could help, please?

stupid question but wont it be easier to run snmp rather??? then you can pull all the data…only reason think one would want to do netflow is to check ips??

Hey Skoenman,
The SNMP is already running, I need both running because one complements the other.
When are you using netflow this information is forward:
Cisco standard NetFlow version 5 defines a flow as a unidirectional sequence of packets that all share the following 7 values:
1- Ingress interface (SNMP ifIndex)
2- Source IP address
3- Destination IP address
4- IP protocol
5- Source port for UDP or TCP, 0 for other protocols
6- Destination port for UDP or TCP, type and code for ICMP, or 0 for other protocols
7- IP Type of Service

So, the information about ‘1- Ingress interface (SNMP ifIndex)’ the VYOS is sending one interface with value 0. The correct is like the image below