Network Fencing

Does anybody know how to use VyOS to build a network fence as described here:

I need to replace my EOL VMware Lab Manager 4.0 product, and would like know if VyOS can be used to accomplish network fencing, which I suspect it can.

I’m a newbie to VyOS, so any help would be appreciated.


you create vss/dvs with port-group fenced-net01
you just deploy OVA, adding additional interface
attaching interface 0 to your management net
attaching interface 1 to fenced-net01 port group

You will need to configure NAT, DHCP, DNS forwarding
depending on what you need to do

for nat see user guide

Hi Syncer,

I have a private fenced network with two VMs. These each have one virtual NIC not attached to physical hardware NIC

I have my regular network on I’d like to be able to get to the hosts in the fence using 2 IPs from my pool as follows: ==> ==>

The VyOS router has one virtual NIC on the fenced network and one physical NIC on network.

I just don’t know how to create the NAT rules required to make this work. Any help would be appreciated.
I tried different combinations of the policy NAT as described here, but with no luck. My vSwitch in vCenter is configured to accept Promiscuous mode, which is a requirement of Lab Manager 4.0’s virtual router which is what I’m trying to simulate.