network-group with interface address

I am quite new to Vyos.
I am currently trying to tidy up / finish off my first configuration.
I seem to be typing in the same IP address in a number of places.
I see that I can use network-group.
I do not seem to be able to use network-group in all the places I want to.

set firewall group network-group NG-DMZ-GW network
set interfaces ethernet eth3 address NG-DMZ-GW
will give me an error message - invalid IPv4 address/prefix

set firewall group network-group NG-WAN-1-NH network
set load-balancing wan interface-health eth0 nexthop NG-WAN-1-NH
will give an error message - invalid nexthop

Am I doing something wrong?
Or is the functionality I am seeking not present?


I think the functionality you are seeking is not present. Note that a network-group is a firewall network-group, implying that it can only be used in firewall configuration. For interface and load-balancing configuration you will have to use a literal IP address.

Ah good point.

I wonder if there is something similar I can use, outside of the scope of the firewall part?