New VyOS "Configulator" Tool

Hi. I first started playing with Vyatta about 10 years ago. Today for whatever reason I decided to make a tool that takes a bracked config (from the show command, or from the actual config file) and converts it into “set” commands that you can paste into a new router very easily. I also missed being not able to just copy paste a show from one router to another (like in the cisco world). Now with one small step it is quite possible.

Free to use as long as my website is up:

Feedback, Bugs, etc appreciated.


you mean like this?

Just like that, but on a web page.

I’m pretty leery about pasting my entire config into a website I don’t know, and don’t own…when VyOS has this feature built in.

I made a tool from PHP to build out set commands…no config needed. I was searching for an easier way to maintain config backups for a bunch of routers…and realized the easiest way was to NOT maintain config backups.

For the most part, all my routers configs are the same except for the unique info LAN subnet/DHCP, Public IP, VPN details, etc…so I maintain that unique info in simple arrays…

When I get a new router, I just click a hyperlink, the set commands get built out, and I paste them into the console…router done. I never have to wonder how out of date the config on file is, or when the last backup was…I already know my script has the most updated info.