Newbie got questions

Hi all,

I am new to this Forum and I read a lot of things that gave me thought-provoking impulses how we can optimize our infrastructure.
However, currently I have two problems where I need your help.

I am in charge of a large vSphere test environment containing several encapsulated ‘testrooms’ with about 9000 VMs and 500 Vyatta/Vyos routers. The old Vyatta (VC6.2)/VyOS(1.1.7) systems finally need to be replaced.
In one of our next maintenance windows we want to shut down all remaining Vyatta routers and migrate them to the latest VyOS version.
We tried this with a configuration export/import, but unfortunately we noticed that not all settings are transferred because of changed commands.

Is there a way to automate this or is there even a “Migration Tool” for this?

  1. We have built ourselves transfer networks, allowing special services from the test environments to communicate externally.
    For this purpose there is a superordinate vyos router/firewall that provides the connection to the outside and a second configured router for the connection between the transfer network and the testrooms that is cloned into the test room.
    But since we have to change the MAC address during the cloning proces, the new router loses the configuration of eth0 and eth1 on startup and creates new interfaces eth2 and eth3.

Is there a workaround for this?

Just use our common image upgrade command.

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about your 2nd problem.
the interfaces are mapped with the mac in the ‘hw-id’ setting.

you can delete it before cloning, or set with the correct mac address

del interface ethernet eth0 hw-id
set interface ethernet eth0 hw-id <MAC-ADDRESS>

Thanks for your quick reply.

Regarding the Update:
So, It looks like it is a better idea to make an inplace upgrade rather than building a new VM and Importing the config, correct?

Regarding the cloning process
Currently we are cloning the router with standard VMWare features without changing the configuration, I was hoping that there might be a way where we don’t have to change the configuration first.
Then we will probably have to create a script for adjusting the values of the clone.
Too bad, I was hoping there might be another way.