NewBie Question

Sorry to kill you all with a very basic question.

I am using VYOS for my Hyper-V lab. Enjoying it, but I am a MS guy sorry. Not that familiar with Linux based commands.

How do I remove name servers. I used the :

set system name-server

command. I have multiple name servers. I want to remove them all, bar one, which will be

Many Thanks

delete system name-server set system name-server commit save

Thank you for that. I set google as the DNS nameserver as per your example above.

I find traffic on other subnet does not route to google. Any idea why?

I have two virtual Hyper-V network cards connected to VYOS.

  1. Virtual Switch NIC 0: My internet, - External switch type
  2. Virtual Switch NIC 1: Setup as ‘Internal’ in the Virtual Switch manager

When I connect a virtual machine to the external network it works (can ping When I connect a VM to the ‘internal’ network (which as is corresponding NIC attached to VYOS) it doesn’t work.

I know I have the default gateway stuff setup correctly as I can ping between the two networks. Therefore VYOS is routing traffic between networks.

However, VYOS is not routing traffic onto the internet from the internal network.

Any idea please? I expect its something elementary

Can you ping Have you setup a source NAT rule to masquerade your internal addresses?

Seems you were right, NAT was needed, ran these commands:

set nat source rule 100 outbound-interface ‘eth0’
set nat source rule 100 source address ‘’
set nat source rule 100 translation address masquerade

Dont fully understand why though, doesnt the next hop (dlink router) do the NAT?

You probably don’t have a routing statement in the next hop router pointing back to the internal network via the Vyos router.