Newbie setting up 1st router

Thanks for reading my post - Just starting
have just downloaded your application and installed on a Hyper-V VM.

What I am trying to to is to create a test lab for my studies, I am using windows 8.1 Hyper V. I am already part of a domain, my goal is to create a seprate domain with ineternet access.

My internet router IP address is
My IP address can be anything on my test lab - I am using Ip address range

I have made a few Hyper V computers and two Hyper-V switch

My Hyper-V Switch setting
1 “New Vitual Switch” - Inernal only
2 “Realteck” - External Network through my network card

I made a new VM and ran the setup envirement

this is what I am doing

Set interfaces Ethernet eth0 address 192.168.1./24
Set system gateway-address
Set interfaces Ethernet eth1 address DHCP
Set system gateway-address

Its not working :frowning: any advise on that I am doing wrong

what isn’t working? your vyos router cannot ping the gateway? it isn’t getting an IP address?

you don’t need to set system gateway-address if you are getting your ‘WAN’ ip from dhcp. You also have a typo in your eth0 address in your post. what ip are you actually giving it?

first you need to check if your “external” interface works correctly

If I understand well, this external interface is eth1.
I suggest you set it with static IP rather than DHCP
for example :

set interfaces ethernet eth1 address

and personally I prefer to set a static route rather than a system-gateway
(the actual result is the same, but when I review the configuration content , everything is in the node “protocols” )

Then try to ping :

  • internet IP address (like

When this part works that means that you have connectivity from your router to the first domain

Apart this there must be a typo in your post , “Set interfaces Ethernet eth0 address 192.168.1./24” is incorrect , I assume it is

With this configuration a machine in the range , using as gateway CANNOT communicate with anything because:

  • the machine in the range doesn’t use the VyOs as router (so their responses will go to the router)
  • the router probably don’t nat for network so it will not provide internet connectivity

So, to allow communication between and you can either

  • NAT the traffic from range to the eth1 IP address
  • set a route on the router that said “for : next hop is” (or whatever IP you set on the vyos)

Hope it helps.

Hello Thank you for getting back to me
I have wiped my router (rebooted it didnot save any settings) anyway I have disabled one of my ethernet connections (internal connection) so I should only have one that is connected to the exnternal router
this is what i am doing

set interfaces ethernet eth1 address
set protocols static route next-hop
commit save
I am doing something wrong since I cant Ping anything :frowning:

This sounds like a configuration problem with your Virtualization host. I am not familiar enough with Hyper-V. I stick to ESX, ESXi, and ProxMox hypervisors. I don’t know the settings for Hyper-V, but it might need promiscuous mode or something.

I agree with pirateghost, If you can’t ping anything with this basic config, the issue is how the interfaces are configured within the hypervisor.

But I’m not familiar with Hyper-V either (using vmware and xen)


Not sure if you are still working on this but I have one working off of Hyper-V and would like to help out. I am also a Vyos newbie but Hyper-V experienced.

Let me know and we can work on it.


Hi jumping into this thread as i am also trying to get something similar working. I know Hyper-V but fall down on networking.

I seem to have a very basic configuration almost working (the idea is to build up as i go, learning with each new piece)

My current setup is Hyper-V host with 2 virtual switches, one is set as a Private virtual switch for my internal traffic, the other is an external virtual switch bound to the physical interface on my host. All of the virtual servers only have the private switch set up as their interface

I have two virtual machines. One is a Domain Controller with a static IP of and a gateway of
The other is an application server and a gateway of

The VyOS machine is a default setup currently with only eth0 set as the private virtual switch for internal traffic. I have set its IP address to and given it a description of INSIDE
That is all i have done for configuration so far (future steps will be to add in the external interface, setup NAT etc)

Currently both virtual servers can ping the gatewate (VyOS)
VyOS can ping but not .3
Neither of the virtual machines can ping each other either

Its like doesnt have a route through or VyOS for some reason cant access the server and im not sure what i have done wrong, any help would be appreciated! I just need to get this router up so that i can start building out my lab environment

Many Thanks

As an update to the above post i have progressed a bit more and i am getting some weird results which i can only put down to the networking aspect and im really not sure what i need to do fix them, really could do with some help here!

I have progressed my domain controller so that it is now running DHCP with the as a scope with exclusions for .1 and .2 which are the router and the dc

My pings look like the following

Can ping DC
Cant ping App

Can ping VyOS
Cant ping App

Can ping VyOS
Can ping DC

What is weird is that the App server has gotten its IP from the DHCP service on the DC and i have also succesfully joined it to the domain so its made a connection to the DC there as well

Route Information is showing
S>* [1/0] via, eth0
C>* is directly connected, lo
C>* is directly connected, eth0

Really at a loss now, and im not sure what im missing!


Most likely your “problem” is caused by firewall present in Windows.
As test , disable it and repeat your tests.

I would have to agree. Windows firewall in a test environment is annoyingly efficient at blocking basic connectivity tests.

Also newbie, both VyOS and Hyperv.
I’m running hyperv on a Win10 laptop. Want to set up a lab.
I’ve created an external vSwitch bound to my wireless, and a private vSwitch.
I have a Ubuntu vm running as well.
The Linux vm runs fine on the external vSwitch, but the VyOS vm doesn’t get an ip (both on dhcp)
I haven’t done anything really, except configuring dhcp for eth0.
Can anyone help out?

Thanks in advance.