Nightly builds update?

current nightly is at aug 06, is this the build referenced in aug 2023 update blog post?

Good question, hopefully some maintainer can enlighten us why there are no nightly builds since 6th aug and today is the 11th aug?

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Hi, @Thisistheoldplan @Apachez

It appears there might be some misunderstanding regarding the nightly build and the details mentioned in the update blog post. The blog post is referring is referencing the August 6 release. As of today, no additional nightly build has been released.

The term ‘rolling release’ mentioned in the blog post could indicate ongoing updates rather than strictly nightly builds. It’s important to note that there might be instances where new builds are not produced due to ongoing development, testing processes, and other considerations.


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But there are plenty of commits since 6th august (including several critical Intel and AMD CPU vulnerabilities addressed by new kernels and microcode updates) and now its 12th august and still no new nightly build.

Either something have failed terribly at smoketests or similar and is creating a huge blocked queue (if so then remove that commit from the queue so the others can finish so a new nightly can be released) or something else is going on (could be several valid reasons for why new nightlies have been disabled).

And if its the later (a manual block) then perhaps a note about it should be put up on the nightly page over at VyOS Community ?

Like “Update 2023-08-11: New nightly builds have been paused until xx august due to yyy” or “New nightly builds have been paused until Txxxx have been resolved” or such.

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i’m assuming its due to this

That was commited on friday evening (aka yesterday) - there have been no new nightly builds since monday (aka 6 days and counting)…

In 99% of the cases where nightlies do not post, it’s because of failed smoketests that started failing as new commits are introduced. Currently, the Zabbix agent smoketest fails. I’m sure the dev team is working on fixing this issue.


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