No source NAT to IP in same Subnet


I’ve a vyos router/firewall with multiple subnets:
WAN1 eth0 A.x.x.187/28
WAN2 eth1 B.x.x.195/29

LAN2 eth4

I’ve created a SNAT rule for LAN2 via eth0. I can access the internet from LAN2 (eth4) via WAN1 (eth0) and everything works fine.

But now I’ve a problem, that the SNAT rule for eth4 is not working when I’m trying to connect to B.x.x.198 (which is in the same subnet as B.x.x.195). It seems that vyos is ignoring the SNAT rule and routes the traffic directly and non-natted (with through the nearest interface WAN2 (eth1). I’ve verified this with tcpdump @ eth1 but don’t know, why this occurs.
Why is it doing this? How can I change this behavior?

Thanks in advance!

If you post your configuration it may be easier to try to help.

Routing, NAT and firewalling may be involved here.

I’ve solved it myself. vyos is doing the routing first and decided to send the packet through eth1 but there was no no matching nat-rule with outgoing-if eth1.