Not able to config IPv6 address in VTI interface

Hi, I am trying to config VTI interface for routing between sites, and found discrepancy between document and reality that I am unable to config IPv6 address in VTI interface.
According to document,
The VTI interface can config both IPv4 and IPv6 address together (and I hope to run BGP routing with my Juniper SRX clusters through this vpn)
However, when I input IPv6 address to VTI interface, the error message said it’s not a valid address. Anyone experienced same? Should I use a specific version in order to use this function? Thanks.

The error message looks like this

[edit interfaces]
vyos@lab3a# set vti vti0 address 2001:db8:2::249/64
  "2001:db8:2::249/64" is not a valid value of type "ipv4net"
  Value validation failed
  Set failed

Hi @ylchang
I create a bug report for it ref.

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