Oauth2 plugin on OpenVPN for VyOS

Hi, There is an interesting project here to enable oauth2 auth for OpenVPN.

Currently we leverage Radius auth to a windows NPS server, for SSO and MFA, but we could simplify our configuration if we could leverage oauth2 for OpenVPN.

I chatted to our routing and firewall teams, and they say most of their solutions these days have an oauth2 option.

If there was an easy to implement/configure that plugin within VyOS, this would be a very powerful and useful feature, especially if the VyOS could be configured to port share to host the callback URL on the appliance itself.

The addition of oauth2 on VyOS for OpenVPN could be a game changer and create feature parity with the commercial alternatives.

Moved to feature requests,
It seems to be a great idea to add it

I created the feature request ⚓ T6280 OpenVPN add oauth2 plugin

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