Offer of Saltstack testing

I’ve noticed on the blog and in the forums there’s a mention of salt stack.

We use salt heavily, and are looking to use vyos, initially for some internal firewalling. We’re currently using the salt-napalm library, and it works ok, all things considered.

If there’s anything we can do to help test a native minion client… the same goes for cloudinit… :slight_smile:

Hey there!
Thanks for offer and we definitely would like to use all resources available for testing but not only.
All inputs are welcome including any particular cases
@Unicron almost finishing cloud-init integration and he also guy behind salt integration
@mattwan please join us on slack (get your invite here)
and of course our development portal
And welcome to community!


I’m happy to contribute, test, and write some docs. Like all of us, I’m quite time constrained, but as we use VyOS internally, I can justify some work time :slight_smile:

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We’ve done a little development using the salt agent. This was all against the 1.2-RC2 build

This is a salt state and corresponding module that allows salt to get and set configuration via the agent. There’s a sample template which can be adjusted to suit your use case.

The salt agent in the build is quite old, which caused a bit of pain.

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@mattwan in the latest roling releases of vyos. (VyOS Community)
I have integrated the salt minion and some config.

Would you like to test this?

Hey. Absolutely, I’ll have a poke around it next week.

Can you give me some pointers as to what’s been added? (git commits will be fine)