Online upgrade keeps some settings for linux

can an online upgrade retain some of the system’s settings? (add system image vyos-1.2.0-rc11amd64.iso)
Such as apt source configuration/etc/apt/sources.list.d/*
or apt installed service software/etc/v2ray/config.json


No, the installer will not retain any configuration unless its in a persistent storage eg. /config/ .
The reason why is that system directories are dynamically loaded as an overlay from a template image and upgrading the image needs to restart that process. (readwrite part needs to be started empty for that new image) using custom apt sources and installing new custom packages are also not supported by vyos and you are doing so at your own risk. (as long as you dont run apt upgrade with the debian repo loaded it probably will work… :slight_smile: )

for the config file you could put it on /config, and make a symlink on /etc so you don’t loose the config file on upgrade. you could also use the bootup-completed script to ensure the symlink is there and installing your package… etc… :slight_smile:

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Understand, thank you for your answer.