Openconnect VPN broken on 1.3-epa2

After rebooting into VyOS 1.3-epa2, I was unable to connect to it using openconnect VPN. SSL connection breaks even before the login procedure. My setup is simple, according to OpenConnect — VyOS 1.3.x (equuleus) documentation. Everything was fine on VyOS 1.3-epa1. I found this in the server log:

Oct 19 21:48:35 vyos kernel: traps: ocserv-worker[2257] general protection fault ip:7fdfd11185f3 sp:7fffbb083f28 error:0 in[7fdfd0fff000+148000] 
Oct 19 21:48:35 vyos ocserv[1842]: main: user disconnected (reason: unspecified, rx: 0, tx: 0)

Any quick fix or workaround?

Kind regards

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