OpenVPN Client Crash

Getting the following error with vtun0 running in interface mode tun. Same configuration works when switched to tap. Can’t seem to run down the issue, running version 1.3.2.

Cannot ioctl TUNSETIFF vtun0: Invalid argument (errno=22)

Please provide the CLI configuration used and also the system logs show log openvpn vtun0

I’m also experiencing this exact error, and this is the only mention I’ve seen of it in the context of VyOS. This is my configuration (for vtun0), I’ve tried removing local-address and remote-address and using a bridge but I get an error that the vtun0 interface can’t be enslaved to the bridge.

 description Site-Home
 device-type tap
 encryption {
     cipher aes256
 hash sha256
 local-address {
 local-port 1194
 mode site-to-site
 openvpn-option "--proto udp4"
 remote-port 1194
 shared-secret-key s2s

Running 1.4 built from the currrent branch yesterday.

I was able to get my config working (with the local-address and remote-address removed) by removing the entire vtun0 config, committing, and then re-adding it as part of a bridge.