OpenVPN config-file import



Is there a way to use a *.opvn config file for vpn client setup?
The openvpn site shows a cli option of ‘config-file’ but it doesn’t seem to exist in Vyos.

Can this option be added? Would be so much easier than retyping SET lines…



Moved this to feature requests,
you may want to edit your post and describe well how you see that import


@syncer I assume this would work similar to the way that Ubiquity’s EdgeRouter works.

openvpn vtun0 {
    config-file "/config/auth/myClientConfig.ovpn"

Essentially, rather than having to tediously port over every single line of an .ovpn file, a VyOS admin should be able to simply specify a config-file key. This is much more intuitive, and since .ovpn files are used most often when configuring OpenVPN clients, it would save quite a bit of hassle.

Additionally, it provides consistency with other vyatta-forked routers.

I was hoping to configure a VPN client interface on VyOS this evening, but given the fact that I now have to, essentially, manually copy each line of my .ovpn makes for a much longer and more tedious task that I’ll need to post-pone.

I found this feature request after searching around for documentation on config-file in VyOS. I found a few related topics as well: