OpenVpn multiple push routes

I am trying to figure out a “push-route” option, if possible. I currently have two sites in co-location data centers which act as a central depository. I have the two sites (A & B) linked by Vyos routers (openpvn site-to-site) and a client location is connected using a Vyos router as a “client” which allows routeing of traffic both to “A” and through “A” to “B”, I am want to set up a second connection to “B” and have traffic be able to go direclty to “B” and if necessary route to “A”. I am currently pushing a route to client and would like the openvpn change to push (with metric of 10) from “A” to client and (with metric 20) to client from “A”; and (metric 20) and (metric 10) from “B”. I see where that can be done with a static route, but do not see that ability in openvpn “push-route”, although the raw openvpn documentation seems to indicate openvpn is capable of doing this through a “push -route”. Trying to not to use OSPF or like as there is a need to segregate each client node and not allow traffic.