OpenVPN Server


Can someone point me in the direction for general instructions to install and configure OpenVPN Access Server on VyOS? I intend to run an OpenVPN Access Server in an Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud and since I am already running a VyOS instance to provide for NAT between one of my private and public subnets in the VPC I was hoping I could build the OpenVPN Server on top of the already running instance. If that’s not a good idea then I will create a separate OpenVPN instance.


I would assume that once you add in the appropriate debian repos, that it would follow just about any debian based install


I’m concerned about just installing new packages without already understanding what’s built in to VyOS. I understand there’s already some sort of OpenVPN functionality. The potential for conflict or redundant software is what I’m focused on.


Having looked at /usr/share/doc/openvpn on my Untangle firewall, it appears that the firewall includes a complete rendition of openvpn.