Openvpn - with external VPN service


Hello there,

i would like to archive something like this:

I would like to route all the traffic from PC1 (x.x.x.100) through vtun0 but traffic form PC2 (x.x.x.101) should go through eth1. What is simplest way to make it so?
Openvpn provider pushes default route to me and if i enable this vtun all traffic goes through vtun.

I would like to control which traffic (ports, ip`s, subnets etc) uses vpn.

I`ve tried to set two subnets - one nat for vpn users and another one for regular users but without success. Load balancing on single wan interface?

Best regards RR


You are looking for policy based routing. See for an example.


I knew it had to be something simple, thanks for the hint.