OSPF Area Range

New to Vyos, I’m a hobbyist using it in my lab so please forgive me if I’ve missed anything obvious.

I’m using version 1.4-rolling-202111160742 and my problem is the OSPF range command.
If I issue

set protocols ospf area 10 network
set protocols ospf area 10 network
set protocols ospf area 10 range

The /24 routes are present in the routing tables of routers in other areas instead of the summary route.

I’ve read just about all the documentation I can find yet I cant figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Hi @dinodantoni, welcome to VyOS community!

Try adding cost value to the command:
set protocols ospf area 10 range cost 10

(cost 10 in this example)

Yes, adding the cost works, Thank you. Do you know why manually adding the cost is necessary?

When summarizing routes, it is not clear which route cost should be used for the summarized route. The administrator has to think about what cost to use so that there are no routing loops (for example).

Then better use some default cost, when not user-specified.
Now, the problem of missing route is way bigger than risk of routing loops.
Having a cisco background myself , didn’t have to specify cost on it.

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