OSPF default route disappears

I have 2 VYOS on the nightly version from Jan 2nd.

OSPF is adjacent over GRE/IPSEC and works fine.

After some time the default route which is advertised from Router A disappears, but the adjacency is still formed.

Rebooting the router or restarting the vpn causes the route to come back.

Any thoughts?

This could be related: https://github.com/FRRouting/frr/issues/3124

Here’s the phabricator task. This is present in even a very simple network.

Despite having the commit mentioned by chief_dan, there’s an issue somewhere. chief_dan also suggested a great workaround here. Trust me, I was doing something far uglier before.

Posting workaround here for reference:

create a static route to and and redistribute those instead of default information