OSPF default route is not updated when neighbor vanishes


When you have 2 core routers Advertising themself af default gateway to VyOS only on router is shown as default gateway but both show up for the other subnets in the area’s.

When the existing default route hop dies the routing table is not updated and the old IP still exists there.

Is this a bug or how it works ? I thought it was possible to use a metric order when you have a FailOver IP at your want side of your core routers so the in/out traffic would always go over the right next hop.


I can confirm this working for the failover, it was an exchange issue.

About fallback with a lower metric, the preferred router with metric 0 over metric 10 in not chosen again.

Is this known ?


which version do you use?

show version


Hi Rob,

It was a config issue on some OPNsense boxes it seems. I was on:


Might have some investigation as I change my config so a different type of setup but it felt “buggy”.