OSPF dual path - balancing bug

Hi we have into data center a server whit vyos…

connect to this server, we have a sever room whit two connection and whit two vyos one for connections. doing openvpn & OSPF. dual path and same cost for balancing traffic using the two connections. If put that config we see the traffic come the half traffic of one connections.

dual path balancing is not work properly.

We have install 1.1.5 in the main vpn and two gates and put again summarize whit edgemax router connect to DT.

egdemax are doing well the balancing but not vyos. also is send same packets fron the main vpn to two gateway

Also i like to ask the are way to downgrade from 1.1.5 to 1.0.3 ?

thank you.

for the downgrade part :
in op mode
"set system image default-boot "
and reboot

Use auto-completion to see available images or “show system image” to view available images and current running and next-boot image


we try on lab doing this but when the router boot in the last option when applied the configura get en red ERROR aso in impossible to login into. we need to reboot and select the firmware 1.1.5 look is not transparent the configuration from 1.1.5 to 1.0.3

the any proceed to do for migration of config

we are running , bgp,ospf,openVPN

thank you

Why downgrade to VyOS 1.0.3 ? this version ospf feature is work ?

Hi lawrence for what i have ready in forum look is ospf is much better running.

Why you ask ?

have a nice time