Ospf not forming neigborship after upgrading from 1.3.3 to 1.4

Hello Everyone,

I recently upgraded my vyos from 1.3.3 to 1.4, and I noticed the ospf on ipv4 was no longer forming neighbors, but the ipv6 (ospfv3) still works fine.

I downloaded the running configuration and compared it to the backup I did before the upgrade, and I noticed a few changes to the OSPF configuration.

  1. The set protocols ospf passive-interface-exclude provided in the 1.4 documentation do not work when applied, hence the excluded interface I had from the previous version was gone.

  2. I attempted the set protocol ospf interface eth1 area 0 to manually add only that interface to participate on ospf I got an error: Can not use OSPF interface area and area network configuration at the
    same time!

From the screenshot, (left), which is highlighted red, is the configuration after the upgrade, while (right), highlighted green, is the configuration before the upgrade.

PS: I did not make or alter any configuration; after the upgrade, I noticed the ospf was not forming, and when I compared the configuration before and after the upgrade using diffchecker, that was the image.

Looks like the migration didn’t completed correctly. The syntax for including/excluding specific interfaces was moved to:
protocols ospf interface <intName> passive
Just make it not passive under that section.

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Thanks @L0crian, this fixed it. :+1: :fist_right: :fist_left:

This is related to ⚓ T6089 [1.3.6->1.4.0-epa1 Migration] "ospf passive-interface default" incorrectly added which is fixed in

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Thanks @c-po. I knew I had seen a task for it created at some point.

Thanks @c-po . Very much appreciated

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