OSPF not working exstart is less than exchange


I have recently setup a vyos router, running version 1.1.6.

I will end up with having 2 routers, and behind them having some firewalls.

My problem is, that OSPF is not working correctly. I keep getting this in the logs:

Sep 14 21:36:26 gw01-cph1 ospfd[2454]: Link State Acknowledgment: Neighbor[xx.xx.xx.xx] state ExStart is less than Exchange
Sep 14 21:36:27 gw01-cph1 ospfd[2454]: Link State Acknowledgment: Neighbor[yy.yy.yy.yy] state ExStart is less than Exchange

I can manage to keep the ospf routes up in about 12 seconds, until it disappears again.
I also have a “stock” quagga router running, which doesn’t have these problems.

Is there anything I have missed, or is there a known bug ?

To debug I have tried setting “mtu-ignore” on the interface facing the other ospf neighbors, with no success.

Snippet from my config

ospf {
area {
network bb.bb.bb.bb/24
default-information {
originate {
metric 10
metric-type 2
log-adjacency-changes {
parameters {
router-id aa.aa.aa.aa
passive-interface lo0
passive-interface eth0
redistribute {
connected {
metric-type 2

eth0 is my public interface.

ospfv3 doesn’t seem to have the same issue.

Thanks for your time.

iam also facing the same issue. Can someone give the solution for this?

Sounds like an MTU issue to me, make sure your MTU’s match between your devices.

Just hit this beauty, any update? (My situation VyOS@VMware +NX-OS, Non-VPC),
Seems that only VyOS instances generating this logs are those who are not DR/BDR.