Ospf point to point/point to multi-point


i am having some issues running ospf network point to point / point to multi-point between a vyos1.2 router and another router (another vyos or cisco). The ospf route exchange successfully, but “show ip route” shows the interface where it connect to its ospf neighbors to be inactive and therefore does not passing the traffic.

show ip route

O [110/20] via, eth0 inactive, 00:03:53

this does not happen if i revert to ip network broadcast. it only happens if i set both side to point to point or point to multi-point.

any ideas?

Thanks a lot for your help!


to post an update.

the ip ospf network point to point or point to mulitpoint issues occurs reliably on all NBMA (MGRE) tunnels. it doesn’t seem to affect regular tunnel or regular interfaces. the issues is that those route will be learned via ospf database but not injected into the linux routing table (ip route), thus showing the path as inactive . the only way that works is to put the network to ip ospf network broadcast, but sometime that’s isn’t an option.
i suppose this must be a bug?