Out of memory: kill process (ssh) score 9 or sacrifice child "vyos"

Hi guys, I decided to create this thread after trying to revive a similar one in, I guess, the wrong forum. Im running a Vyos v1.3 in a R420 with 16gb of ram (no errors in my tests while preparing the machine for the Vyos) and 2 processors, and after some 30 days running flawlessly, it started failing partially. It started working fine again after a reboot. After some 5-7 days the same problem reoccurred. At the first time I managed to see some errors in its screens and they said basically:

out of memory: kill process (ssh) score 9 or sacrifice child “vyos”

At first I was wondering it could to be something related to the SSDs and the native RAID of the VYOS (this R420 doesn’t have a off-board RAID controller so its configured for “AHCI” in its bios and the Vyos’ RAID software is taking care of the disk redundancy (2 SSD SATA3 120gb each).

Now, after seeing in many Ubuntu forums people relating it with a RAM problem, Im not so sure anymore.

My network consultant have no experience with Vyos, he knows how to configure a BGP but he doesn’t knows exactly how the VYOS works, how the OS deals with the hardware… I’m the one who installed the OS in the machine, it was a pretty standard installation. We’re kinda lost here. Do you guys know anything that can help me figuring it out? Its a complicated situation because this machine is operative right now, there are plenty of clients connected through it, I cant just bring it to the lab and start testing stuff and theres also no one in my reach who can be hired to find and fix the problem, seems like no one over here works with VYOS, at least no one who do jobs for such small operations like mine.

The problem occurred for the last time some 4 days ago, if you guys need any info about the system and/or log that you think can help us to find the cause, say what it is and I will try to find it.

image of the screen the first time the problem occurred attached

Which version?
In September, we tried to implement kernel version 5 but then rolled back to version 4.

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Sorry tor taking so much time to answer. Im 99% sure its the 1.3v . I guess I found out the reason of the problem. I was checking the running processes and suddenly the snmp starting showing 100% of use of the system’s memory. We monitor it with Zabbix, via snmp. We immediately stopped all the snmp related processes and after it we never had such problem again. In the next days I shall try to re-enable it, gotta check with someone else, who maybe have more experience with Vyos than me and my network consultant, to avoid to run onto the same problem again.

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