Packets Dropping at VyOS

Been having this issue where some routed subnets (/24 or larger usually) are dropping some packets on random IPs inside that particular subnet. So far, replicated with a few virtual servers (KVM) and few different subnets / sizes ranging from /24 to /21 for example.

From Virtualizor (virtual server platform) support:

As per traceroute from our server, its not able to find next hop after entering highlighted router.

Can you check if something is dropping the packet before reaching to the router connected to the server? I believe should be the next hop after (

IP ending in 108.6x is the routed subnets, notice the difference in traceroutes between 2 single IPs inside the same /22 subnet routed to the VM.

IP ending in 55.210 is VyOS (primary) whereas the failover VyOS ends in 55.214

I confirmed that both VyOS routers have matching BGP and static routes for the particular subnet in this screenshot.

I have 4 x Cisco L3 switches acting as L2 underneath the VyOS routers as well, but they’re dropping at the VyOS level and I do not know why.